This policy is designed to meet the ever growing need of parents to have their children access better education, and to continue to do so even in the unfortunate event of loss of the parent.


Ranges from 9 to 20 years

Premium Payment:

Level premiums paid to the end of the term of the policy or waived on death

Survival Benefits:

    Partial Maturity Payments

  • 20% of the Sum Assured 4 years to Maturity
  • 20% of the Sum Assured 3 years to Maturity
  • 30% of the Sum Assured 2 years to Maturity
  • 30% of the Sum Assured 1 year to Maturity

    Maturity Payment

100% of the Sum Assured plus Accrued Bonuses

Death Benefits:

On death of the life assured during the term of policy, all future premiums are waived and the benefits are paid as if the life assured had survived to maturity.


  1. 1st Year 45%
  2. 2nd Year 20%
  3. 3rd to Maturity 5%


Have you ever thought of taking a break from the daily normal routine to just cool off the pressure and enjoy a beautiful relaxing holiday away from home? The Likizo Shwari Plan makes this a reality with a tailor-made plan with simple flexible payment methods to assist you in planning for a holiday with no hassles.

Guaranteed Benefits

A policyholder can choose terms of either 7 or 10 years. Partial and maturity benefits plus accrued bonuses are payable to the policyholder as indicated below;

7 Years Plan

  • 10% of the sum assured is payable on the 3rd, 4th, 5th and the 6th Decembers of the policy term; and
  • 100% of the sum assured is payable on maturity.

10 Years Plan

  • 10% of the sum assured is payable on the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Decembers of the policy term; and
  • 100% of the sum assured is payable on maturity.

On death/permanent total disability of the life assured during the term of the policy,100% of the sum assured and accrued bonuses is payable irrespective of any other partial payouts. If the policyholder is diagnosed with a critical illness, 30% of the sum assured is payable before maturity.

Also, a personal accident cover option can be availed on request during the time of travel.


Group life plans are also used to provide cover to redeem the outstanding loan balances in the event of premature death or disability of the borrower. This cover can be renewed every year (annually renewable) or provided at the onset of the loan agreement for the entire term of the loan (single premium option). All lenders with a minimum of 10 borrowers including financial institutions and Sacco’s qualify for this cover.

Mortgage Protection:

Group life schemes offer mortgage protection arranged on a yearly renewable or single premium basis for lenders to specifically protect the families of the deceased mortgagor from the risk of the lender reselling their home in the event of the untimely death or disability of the breadwinner. This cover provides the same benefit as for credit life.


As time passes, the family financial needs change with different needs. Education costs, Further Education e.g. MBA, Raising Children, Starting a Business or even Planning for Retirement. With the Monarch Insurance Stawika Policy, the premium remains the same across the duration of policy while the sum assured increases proportionately throughout the policy period. With the Monarch Insurance Stawika policy, you can save and watch your money grow for the future

Key Benefits

  1. Low premiums for higher financial benefits
  2. Constant premiums which assure you easier payments in future
  3. Payment in case of death or disability for the insured
  4. Optional policy term from 8-18years
  5. Optional maturity benefits payments

Rider Benefits

  • Funeral Cash Benefit
  • Critical Illness Benefit

Maturity Benefits Options

  1. Lumpsum
  2. Staggered Benefit Options
    • 3 Year Payout
    • 4 Year Payout
    • 6 Year Payout
    • 8 Year Payout
    • 9 Year Payout

Protection Benefits

  1. Death of the Contingent Beneficiary (Child)
    • Lumpsum Payout (After the payment term)
    • Nominate another Child
  2. Death of the Policy Owner
    • 100% of The Sum Assured Payable Immediately
    • 100% Waiver of Future Premiums